1St# WB/Twist PStash Details
  • Bingo Session 80 Ball
  • Status Completed
  • Price $500.00
  • Total Game Sets 120
  • Number of Teams 30
  • Players Per Team 4
  • Team Settings
    First Call Wild Ball
    Team Number Solo
    Wild Balls Any Winner in Host Game
  • Purchase Cards Yes
  • Total Prize $60,000.00
  • Total Awarded $60,000.00
  • Description 1st# WB/Twist PStash you and your p's need 5 points to win stash.First and Last # counts.1st # counts no matter who wins, if 25 is 1st #, then 5-15-25 get a point. If 12 is bingoed on then 2-12-22 get a point.only players in game counts and if you solo bingo x2 and only one in game your team still gets point..if a person gets solo and not in game then no points for wb.If team wins on 1st # out, we go to end of that game is complete, could be more winners.gl all..... NO REFUNDS!!
  • Winner Info
    Amber7, mommkins, NOLAB, wenton, Debbie2017, gilljessop3, shaz09, kaelyn1616, alijah, n8tvdoug, Gwendolyn48, marybates393, haisla, katbarter57, mihiboy, fawnlake55
  • Bingo GameIds
    16324916, 16324931, 16324945, 16324957, 16324971, 16324986, 16325003, 16325027, 16325053