Sidebet Details
  • Bingo Session 75 Ball Canada
  • Status Completed
  • Price $300.00
  • Total Game Sets 300
  • Numbers Rama
  • Column all
  • Purchase Cards No
  • Total Prize $90,000.00
  • Total Awarded $90,000.00
  • Description SIDEBET Get a # from 1-30. Example: if you get #7 you want team 7 to win the stash. As easy has that, you have to do nothing but cheer YOUR # to victory. If more than 1 team wins stash the stash side bet will also be shared. This is not a stash game (this game only comes into play once the stash game has been won). YOU DO NOT HAVE BE IN STASH TO PLAY THIS SIDE
  • Winner Info
    cruisergal, lisa52, mygirl62, Joe_100, sweetpea02, babyt63, woodet, canadatoo31, cgirl51133, chelstar
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